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Our Approach

Long-Term Investment Planning

Taking a long-term approach to investing, we use asset allocation and diversification, and other risk mitigation techniques, to develop a plan designed to reduce investment risk.  We believe that inflation risk is a greater threat to long-term investors than temporary price fluctuations and seek to employ time-tested risk mitigation techniques. 

To do this effectively, we tend to use advisory services investment managers, as appropriate for clients, to fill the asset allocations and leverage Stifel’s Chief Investment Office and Chief Economist Office reports to assist in formulating individualized plans. 

Rather than trying to “time the market” in the short term, we focus on developing long-term strategies tailored to your long-term needs.  We place a greater emphasis on helping our clients pursue their long-term goals with reasonable risk-adjusted returns while reviewing their portfolio’s progress with them on a periodic basis. 

Asset allocation and diversification do not ensure a profit or protect against loss.

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