Multigenerational Planning

Multigenerational wealth planning helps to ensure your family's wealth, legacy, and estate planning issues are all properly managed.


Multigenerational wealth planning graphicEstate Planning Strategies

Before you can develop strategies for your estate plan, you'll need to identify your planning objectives.  Ask yourself the following questions:


  • Whom do you want to benefit from your wealth?
  • Do you want to donate some or all of your wealth to charity?
  • Do you want to transfer some of your wealth to your beneficiaries during your lifetime or only upon your death?
  • Do you have any situations that require specialized planning, such as a previous marriage or a special needs child?


With these questions answered, I can help you develop tailored strategies that address:


  • Preserving the value of your estate
  • Maximizing what you transfer to your beneficiaries
  • Minimizing the transfer taxes you must pay, including federal and estate taxes
  • Managing assets for your spouse, children, or grandchildren
  • Review your will in order to plan for specific bequests to children or charities
  • Reviewing your current trust documents
  • Coordinating with your tax and legal professionals to pull all the necessary information together